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Wuhan Granvey Technology Co., Ltd. Fabrik Tour

„Wir betrachteten mehrfache Beleuchtungsfirmen und wählten GRANVEY. Granvey erledigte eine große Arbeit, die beschäftigt geführte Lichter.“

—— Gerry Laloum

„Wir haben Verhältnisse zu Granvey für die letzten 10 Jahre gehabt. Als Repräsentant zu dieser Firma, sind wir sehr aufgeregt, sie vorzutragen.“

—— Dave Cameron

„Wir schätzen, dass Granvey heraufstieg, um unseren Bedarf zu erfüllen. Ich fühle gerade, mich dass Granvey ein Partner ist. Es gibt kein besseres Kompliment als eine Empfehlung.“

—— David Meeks

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  • Product Line

    Product Line :


    Granvey is a leading manufactory of led lighting with over 20 years experiences . Dedicating to offering a wide range of led lamps,our products contains led wall lights , christmas lights,ceiling lights , flood lights, high bay lights , street lights ,fishing lights ,led bulbs and etc .


    Granvey builds LED products to meet various commercial, industrial, municipal and residential applications .


    We commit significant resources to the development and quality testing of all our products along with an in depth quality controlling policy which ensures a high level of customer experince .





    * Assembly Line: 5


    * Direct labor: 150 people


    * Shift:2 shift/Day


    * Output:20000 pcs monthly


    * Machines: 70 sets


    Wuhan Granvey Technology Co., Ltd.

  • OEM / ODM

    OEM ODM:


    Our OEM department offers you excellent services and patented unique designed products.


    We are able to guarantee best possible premium quality for your desired LED products and thereby empower you to grow your LED wholesale business.


    For ODM, Our separated RD department offering our more than 10 years R&D and manufacture experience for the customizing of your own products .


    Designing for your specific needs or private label marketing efforts , Granvey helps customers to boost their projects and turn ideas into real products .

  • R & D



    Granvey cooperates with many universities & research institutes to provide advanced LED lighting technology for your enjoyment tomorrow.


    Taking the time to study our customer’s industry as well as their specific challenge, our team of lighting engineers are able to provide value-added solutions and led products that exceed expectations.


    We continually test and evaluate the latest LED technology from around the world for our inventory. Combined with our years of practical application, this ensures the best light engine for your specific requirements.


    Our senior engineers have 10 years or more of experience with LEDs and related systems. We know how to properly drive and thermally manage the LEDs we integrate in order to provide the brightest lighting at the most economical price.

Wuhan Granvey Technology Co., Ltd.

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